Preschool children are learning all the time and learn best when they are active.  At MEGA  Child Development Center teachers plan developmentally appropriate activities that foster the natural growth of children.


Our curriculum is based on Creative Curriculum: one of the State Department of Education's approved curriculum models.  The Creative Curriculum Program helps teachers plan how to teach content in ways that respect the developmental stages of children.  The areas of content covered in our classrooms include: Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, The Arts, and Technology.  Teachers use this curriculum in conjunction with the South Carolina Early Learning Standards to  plan purposeful and productive activities.


Our curriculum is based on researach that supports the theory that the human brain grows as a result of learning and experience.  Learning changes the physical sturcture of the brain. When a new skill or concept is learned, a brain connection (known as a synapse) is formed.


Each class has a monthly calendar that is sent home for parents.  In addition each child will receive a "daily sheet" that describes each child's day and the activities in which he/she participated.

Parents are always welcome in the classroom!


For more information about the SC Early Learning Standards visit:



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